A presentation lasts FOREVER!

Today when you step up to the podium at a conference you must realize that your talk may well last FOREVER!

Last year at Mark Schaefer’s wonderful Social Slam, I gave a 15 minute talk about how I crowdsourced the whole process of creating a new course in social media marketing – from grant request to syllabus – using Twitter and my blog. At the time I wrote a post about the great conference and the novelty of talking while everyone else in the auditorium was tweeting.

Later in the summer my daughter text-ed me that my speech was on YouTube. I just checked and it now as more views on YouTube than the estimated crowd of 300 when I gave it live.

Fortunately I am fairly happy with the talk, but… I might have left out a somewhat snarky comment about the host (who is a WONDERFUL guy) cutting out when I started talking… and two or three other asides.

Something to keep in mind – All talks live forever. Will it affect your presentations?

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  1. andrebiss13 says:

    e’ve found that especially with men oddstar13

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