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Extended Posts on LinkedIn

Have you tried the new extended post feature on LinkedIn? What has been your experience? What are your concerns?? Continue reading

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The 10 Principles of Social Media Marketing

This is the last week of my summer social media marketing class. Seven MBA students, most of whom are working during the day, have gathered together twice a week from 6 to 10 pm to discuss SMM for organizations. Last session I … Continue reading

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My Content Marketing II: #Curation, #Contributed + #Branded Content

Looking back I was always a content marketing salesperson. In the days before blogs and email I folded newsletters, stamped and licked envelopes to get content to a targeted community of bank and other financial traders. I curated articles and contributed content and experimented with branded content – all before social media… Continue reading

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My Careers in Content Marketing

The origin of content marketing is often traced back two centuries. I had been teaching marketing and social media marketing for several years before a conversation with and an article by Sander Biehn (@sanderbiehn) led me to the realization that I had been a content marketing and content salesperson in my two careers prior to becoming a professor! Continue reading

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Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber: Google Trends tells a Story

If you look closely you will see that the Google search pattern for Justin is eerily similar to that of Lady Gaga, Go to Google Trends to check out what is trending. Find out what is hot and predict the future! Continue reading

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Journalist – “a blogger wearing pants?” Contributed and branded #content.

Pressure from social media and internet offerings has forced existing news companies to explore hybrid content approaches that many journalists see as a threat to integrity. Two popular “blended” content approaches blur the lines between journalism vs. blogging and journalism vs. advertising:
(1) Contributed Content, and (2) Native Advertising or Branded Content. Continue reading

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