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WhatsApp is the future; Facebook is history…

tl;dr Facebook was the huge winner of Web 2.0 but doesn’t really fit the mobile age. Despite the advantage of a huge user base, the primary functions of FB — photo and video sharing or text communicating — are better performed on smartphones by specialized apps developed for mobile. The purchases of Instagram and now WhatsApp is an acknowledgement that Facebook itself shares that vision! Continue reading

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Personal Learning Networks… A #PLN keeps on giving!

A personal learning network is indispensable for a true life-long learner. No one person can keep up with the rush of information in her/his area of interest, but a good PLN can filter the information and keep one alert of important trends and developments. Continue reading

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Reverse Mentoring in action… Or learning about social media from my daughter.

Reverse mentoring involves assigning newly-hired young employees to help educate experienced executives about technology or most often social media. Continue reading

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#Flip the flipping classroom!

“Flip” the classroom: Move lectures and readings to outside the classroom…. then close the laptops and do hands-on projects in class. Continue reading

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