Advice from New Bloggers

blogging-2The students in my social media marketing classes must blog for 12 weeks. After 4 weeks this term I went around the room in one of the sections and asked for tips or tricks they have picked up on blogging, using WordPress, or sharing content. Each student came up with a unique tip or trick. I collected them below.

On Blogging

  1. Start writing the post, THEN do further research.
  2. I now select my picture before I finish writing the post – it helps tie it in.
  3. I watch YouTubes about blogging for inspiration and ideas.
  4. Look at trending topics for ideas.
  5. You are not writing an essay: Envision an informal conversation with a reader.
  6. I start writing before I complete an outline: sometimes I am surprised where it leads!
  7. Edit carefully and then have a trusted friend read it carefully.
  8. Continually brainstorm for ideas: never run out!
  9. Try video.
  10. Keep fresh by rotating media. Video. Write. Podcast. Repeat.
  11. If it is a timely topic…don’t wait for tomorrow. Get it out even if you must stay up.
  12. Make your posts personal and emotional.

Using WordPress

  1. Double-check all links – bad links are a turnoff.
  2. Set the controls to auto-post my new articles on my social media.
  3. Use tags aggressively: experiment with “long tail” tags.

Sharing Content

  1. Don’t forget to promote your blog in person! It doesn’t have to be online.
  2. I seek out other bloggers, social media groups, and forums on my topic.
  3. Actively promote content on Twitter.
  4. Actively engage other bloggers and content creators.
  5. Select a day and time – be consistent with posting.
  6. Share other people’s content; they may share yours.
  7. Snapchat isn’t great for links, but I post a pic of my new article.
  8. Don’t be afraid to promote to old friends and family on Facebook.
  9. Email can be a great place to promote a post.
  10. Pinterest isn’t just for weddings, recipes and decorating.
  11. Have a thick skin – promote on Reddit!

I think it is interesting to see their tips from 4 weeks…

What would you add?

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4 Responses to Advice from New Bloggers

  1. Recently a former fellow blogger commented on my blog: You are the only one whom I followed three years ago and who is still blogging. I’ve also noticed that blogs seem to have a typical life span of several months to 2 years maximum.
    So I think the most important thing is what happens after the first phase of blogging, when everything was new and when you were drawing on existing ideas, things you ‘always wanted to write about’. I think if you start out very active and post very often and in a disciplined way (perhaps participating in blogging challenges – or attending social media classes :-)) then it might be even harder to keep up blogging later on.

    My advice is to keep a long-term plan, a list of timeless things you plan to write about, and as a consequence a set of drafts you work on in the background.
    Ask yourself all the time: Would I publish this and was it worth the time if I knew that nobody would provide feedback on it, like it, comment? The most valuable experience for me (as a blogger) was that I actually started crafting online content long berfore, on not yet 2.0 / interactive platforms when it was not possible technically to provide feedback. Maintain a Stoic’s mindset 🙂

  2. I’m curious…did any of your students stick with their blog after the 12 weeks?
    Great idea for you to put their tips out there.
    I have my own take On Blogging #5: “Nancy,” I say to myself. “This is NOT your daughter’s wedding!!!!!”

  3. Loved the advice. I know so little about blogging, or any social media. But…I love to write, so I jumped in

  4. justnitablog says:

    Thank You So Much For The Advice. I’m a New Blogger. Talking About How To Keep A Positive Mindset and Positive Attitude. I Truly Needed All This. I Love It.

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