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Does Facebook CAUSE narcissism?

… or are narcissists just drawn to social media? I started asking this question on Twitter a couple weeks ago, in order to gather some ideas and thoughts from my online friends for this post. Most of the comments suggested … Continue reading

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Is #FF Follow Friday SO 2009?

I have noticed a decline in #FF and #MarketerMonday activity among my online friends. Have the Friday and Monday call-outs become passe? Am I one of the last to figure it out? Continue reading

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Start up comics!

Finally a comic devoted to our true superheroes – entrepreneurs. To follow the strip -and few past adventures – go to Continue reading

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Creating and Nurturing your Personal Learning Network #PLN

Whatever our area of expertise or passion, it is hard to stay current in a fast paced world. Our online community, sharing our passion, is an aid to lifelong learning, a Personal Learning Network or PLN. Continue reading

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Social Media Marketing at Radford

The social media class played a major role in a new recruiting video for RU!

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B2B Selling: Content has ALWAYS been a winning strategy!

Content continues has long been a winning B2B sales strategy. Social Media is a two edged sword: it is easier to distribute content to a target audience; but it is so easy that even less determined competitors will be sending out content! Continue reading

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