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Buzzkill: Social Media Buzz is Worthless – or is it?

Coke has more Facebook fans than any other company. In a recent study quoted in Ad Age, Coke found that online buzz has no measurable impact on short-term sales. Does social media matter? Continue reading

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Change in Blog Hosting

I am changing my blog hosting which may result in a temporary interruption. Don’t worry I should be back!!! (Motivated in part by my look back on 5 years of blogging – See NEXT)

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5 years of blogging and 4 years of tweets!

I have been blogging for 5 years and Tweeting for 4 ! My 21,272 tweets, assuming 23 words per tweets, would total 489,256 words: the equivalent of 5 books. This comparison to books raises the relevant question: is it worth it? Continue reading

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