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Web Credulity

Do you believe everything you read on the Web or see posted, tweeted or pinned on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest? Yesterday on my Facebook feed there was a serious discussion of an article from the Daily Currant claiming that Sarah … Continue reading

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Teaching SMM – METRICS #6 ROI of Social Media

Note: This is a continuing excerpt from what I teach my social media marketing classes on introduction to metrics and measurement… Calculating the ROI of Social Media In five previous posts the importance of measuring social media efforts and a … Continue reading

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How should you Tweet during a Tragedy??

My first attempt at using Storify: (I failed at inserting the post into my WordPress blog…)

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Teaching SMM #5 – METRICS Monitoring and Listening

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt was quoted in 2010: “There was five exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every two days, and the pace is increasing.” Key metrics of social media efforts should logically include what is being said about an organization in social media or other online conversations. Continue reading

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Teaching SMM – METRICS #4 Influence Scores

At the time of this writing, the growing influence of influence measures has generated considerable controversy. There are stories of otherwise qualified candidates allegedly turned down for jobs because their Klout™ or PeerIndex scores were less than 90th percentile level. Continue reading

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#soslam: Great Talks! Live Networking!

What is so special about Social Slam? The presentations are excellent and motivating. Attendees have the opportunity to speak with social media luminaries, online friends they have never met in person before, and other people just as enthusiastic as they are about social media. Continue reading

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Smartphones make us rude…and stupid!

RUDE I have heard smartphones referred to as “rudephones.” They certainly have coarsened behavior in the non-virtual world. Who hasn’t been stuck in a line behind someone telling the cashier to “wait a moment?” while they finish messaging or talking? … Continue reading

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Is Facebook about to be DISRUPTED?

Users spending hours a day messaging with friends are not using cellphone minutes or viewing Facebook ads. The threat is not just hypothetical – a study shows that mobile apps are already more used than either Facebook or Twitter in Japan and Korea. Continue reading

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