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#Blogs – Something New, Something New

There are over 300 million blogs… but don’t worry more are still coming! Here are 7 new ones on: growing up in Israel, Rabbits as house pets, mastering a language in six months, Living with Lyme disease, and more! Continue reading

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Why Teach Social Media Marketing: #Context and #Integration

If college students are so well versed on Social Media, why do I firmly believe that every marketing major, every business major and in fact every major would benefit from taking a course in social media marketing? Continue reading

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Is anything out of bounds for social media?

Polymer Solutions Incorporated was the Hootsuite highlighted B2B small business for social media marketing last week.

Caitlyn Scaggs, marketing director of PSI, argues that ALL marketing benefits from going social! Continue reading

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What is hot – Learning from my Students: Teaching SMM

“… If you want to master something, teach it.” – Yogi Bhajan

Some insights on social media platforms from my students in 2013/14 SMM classes:
– Instagram is THE ONE; Vine is only for professionals.
– Facebook is where new mothers and grandparents exchange baby pictures… And freshman post embarrassing pics that they must erase before graduation. (More) Continue reading

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