Mysterious #911 Photo….

On 9/11, THE 9/11, I was at home in Lake Forest, IL, weighing several job alternatives. My last two employers both had offices in 1WTC and I still had a permanent pass to that building. As I watched events unfold, I counted, recounted and again recounted the floors in the tower below where the plane rammed that building. People I knew were trapped and dying: some were likely among the ones we could see – live on TV – jumping to certain death.

Forty people I knew perished while I was watching on TV. Two, Jim P. and Diane L., were friends and two of the best salespersons I ever knew. A couple of days later, when mail service resumed, I received a photo in an envelope with no accompanying note, return address, or even writing on the photo. 

The photo was taken at a futures and options industry function at Top of the World in 1 World Trade Center that had taken place  a couple of months earlier. That evening some of us had slipped out a side door and actually stood outside, on the roof of 1WTC 100+ floors above the ground, enjoying the view while leaning on a simple railing.

In the mysterious photo I was sipping wine with Diane – a friend and great salesperson who perished on that day. I have never discovered who sent the photo or why no note was enclosed…

I seem to have lost the photo during my move to Virginia, but I will never forget.

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