Tweeting for 3 years!

On Saturday I received a friendly mention from @TwBirthday, saying “@ProfessorGary Happy 3rd TwBirthday! You’ve been around since 18 March 2009!”

I took a quick look at my statistics – over 12,000 tweets and over 50,000 followers – and reflected that it really didn’t seem that long.

Then a tweet from @steveshu totally reframed the analysis: “Time flies! Happy Twitter b-day! 3yrs at 12,053 tweets is ~1.7 mil characters. Library of Congress has about 4 new books!”

OMG! (in a manly voice of course…)

How much time have I spent on social media over those three years. FOUR books!!!

Being an optimist I then thought of:

  • the many friends I had met such as Mark, Cheryl, Kent, Pam, John, Diana, Steve and so many others,
  • the help I had received in creating my social media marketing course, and
  • the existence of the SMM course.

Just Tweet It!

I am in the early stages of a planned book: Maybe I can just tweet it!!

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2 Responses to Tweeting for 3 years!

  1. Luke W says:

    Tweeting the whole thing would be a experiment to behold certainly – going to be interesting how we value all the data we’re currently producing in the future – how outmoded and foreign it may look, or, conversely, how relatable. All the best with your next 12k tweets!

  2. Congratulations! Happy 3rd!

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