Do you check your Twitter DM’s regularly?

A couple weeks ago two twitter friends sent me emails to follow-up on direct messages (DMs) that they had earlier sent. I realized that I have not be checking my direct messages on Twitter.

I am a Hoot-suite user, so I really have no excuse: I have a preset Twitter DM column, I just need to display and check occasionally. I tweeted and FB posted an inquiry of whether followers had also stopped checking Twitter DMs.

Two of my online friends whose judgement saw DMs the same way: Mark Schaefer said “[DMs are]¬†worst way to communicate to me. I hardly look at them any more. 90% spam”;¬†Dawn Westerberg said “Never check – I completely ignore them”; and Kerry Gorgone added “I’ve only ever checked them rarely. Mostly spam.” I also collected some of the Twitter responses in a Spotify post here.

What is your thought about Twitter DMs?

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3 Responses to Do you check your Twitter DM’s regularly?

  1. I think I would miss them too had I not set up to receive text messages – this alerts me to a DM as it comes in. As I use Twitter for personal professional use (as opposed to a business) the DMs I tend to receive are from fellow Educators so in terms of numbers not excessive. From time to time I get spam but then block such people.

    I would be very disillusioned with a company that ignored DMs totally – an auto message that signposted an alternative communication channel should at least be in place.

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