Twelve New #Blogs!

The summer II session just ended… I fought against teaching social media marketing in a 6-week summer format… But my professional MBA students proved me wrong!

My fear was that the experiential nature of the course would be negatively impacted by the compressed time frame. But motivated students seemed to use the time frame as an excuse to immerse themselves in social media.

One major takeaway from this class: Twelve new blogs! They are listed below by category. Check them all out!

Food and Wine

How about learning authentic Turkish cooking… with the promise of relatively simple recipes! The author also is a skilled photographer: I think this site qualifies as “food-porn” – a technical term my friend Lin Humphrey loves to use. Recipes, Pictures and Culture! Already honored as a @foodista blog of the day…

Turkish Cooking

Cooking Healthier for Life talks about balancing health, taste and time… and getting it right! Check it out…

Interested in the vibrant wine industry of Southwest Virginia? Check out Sipping and Swirling! This blog shares experiences and pics…And gives helpful advice on when to visit and what to do!

Health and Healthy living

Dieters to think bigger. It is not just weight loss, it is about lifestyle!

You know you should exercise… but who has time to drive to a gym and spend hours and $$? This blog has video instruction on how to get good exercise at home in 10-20 minutes a day!

The Diamond Sport talks women’s fast pitch softball. Are you interested in the sport? In seeing it return to the Olympics? Or in Jennie Finch? It is all here!

Women’s Snowboarding. The look at the sport, the pros, and the struggle of an up and coming boarder… And snowboarding in the summer or summer shreds.

Have you heard about therapeutic horseback riding? This blog takes a look at this unique service and how volunteers help make it work. One of my twitter followers was inspired to sign up to help at a facility in NY state.

Home improvement and building one!

How can a busy professional also manage home improvement projects? This blog – 50 shades of paint – shows improvements carried out by an employed MBA candidate…

Have you considered building a house? This blog has advice for people taking the plunge or stories for people interested in the process… And lots of pictures!


Cheapskate Cathy wants to help Americans stop their overspending. Great tips on living a simpler better life…within your means! Yes it may seem somewhat un-American…. but it really is a traditional American value!

Strong Opinions

This author shares his 2 cents worth about issues of pop culture and sports: Why do athletes making six figure incomes commit so many crimes? Why are we so obsessed with celebrity? What is fair in balancing mens and womens college sports?


What do you think of this collection of a dozen new blogs?? I have the strong opinion that their are some great reads here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 Responses to Twelve New #Blogs!

  1. Ms.Arugula says:

    Social media marketing class was a great opportunity for me. I always planned to run a food recipe blog and the class gave me chance and encourage to start my own with the help of social media tools to manage and improve. It was a great experience for me and I enjoyed a lot.

  2. Faye says:

    These are wonderful outcomes!! Way to go RU!

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