#Blogs – Something New, Something New

There are over 300 million blogs… but don’t worry more are still coming!

These are seven new blogs are from my summer SMM course. Why not take a look at one or two that interest you?

Encourage a couple eager new bloggers!

Getting to Know Israel – The author is a young Israeli women attending an MBA program in Virginia. In her blog she seeks to share what it is like to live and grow up in her home country.

Six months to Fluency – Sharing the journey of learning a new language (Norwegian – but the focus is on learning a foreign language).

Life with a LagomRabbitorph – Rabbits are wonderful pets. Really! This blog explains why.

Top Ten Sporting Moments – The author shares his most enjoyable moments as a sports fan and elicits those of this community’s.

Working out Stress – Exercise has many benefits – often overlooked is the management and reduction of stress. A how-to guide to working out stress.

BALD HEAD ISLAND WILDLIFE discusses the unique ecosystem and wildlife of Bald Head Island, NC. Save the turtles!

Goldsmith Barbeque and Cooking – Smoking and Barbeque VA and NC Style. Smokin!

And one more from my Spring undergraduate SMM class:

Faith and Hot Coffee – Living an active life with Lyme disease.

Please check out a couple that interest you and give a new blogger some feedback!


BTW the Beatles third or fifth album (depending on how you count), SN/SN, included the German version of “I want to hold your hand”…

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3 Responses to #Blogs – Something New, Something New

  1. elkement says:

    Thanks – I love in particular the blog about learning a language and culture!
    And all of these blogs have a clearly defined focus 😉 Should I attend one of your classes?

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