Extended Posts on LinkedIn

Have you tried the new extended post feature on LinkedIn? What has been your experience? What are your concerns??

The past three weeks I posted a blog article on LinkedIn.

Jeff Bullas, Neal Schaffer and several other people I respect on social media urged experimentation with the new platform. I had had early access for a while, but finally gave it a try when LinkedIn announced that it was available to all.

All three posts have been “re-purposed” articles from my two blogs, SMM 4 Business and Service C0-creation.

I have been pleased with the metrics on the three. In the following table I compare some basic measures for the original posting on WordPress to the re-posting on LinkedIn. The numbers are very favorable and they are all in addition to the original posting.

LI post summariesThe numbers for postings two and three on LinkedIn are probably bolstered by the fact that I hired @kikischirr to make illustrations for them.

My concerns

My concerns are:

  1. Irritating my most loyal followers by multiple postings.
  2. Negative SEO impact as Google allegedly penalizes for multiple postings. (When I Google “Four P’s of Content Marketing” the third organic result is my LinkedIn post and the fifth is the original on WordPress.)


  • Have YOU tried the new extended post feature on LinkedIn?
  • What has been your experience?
  • What are your concerns??

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4 Responses to Extended Posts on LinkedIn

  1. elkement says:

    I am not at all irritated by multiple postings ;-), and I guess your typical postings are a very good fit with typical LinkedIn users!
    I am generally reluctant to publish on a platform that does not allow for changing “my” layout, export “my” stuff easily etc.

    • Gary Schirr says:

      Please let me know if I become irritating, Elke!

      I am selecting postings that fit well with my LI network, I hope.

      You raise a good point about creative control..in addition to control of your content!


  2. Hey Gary Schirr,
    I take your point, thanks
    Catch you again soon!

  3. Tom Whatley says:

    When I see a connection of mine share an article I’ve already seen, I just tend to ignore it, but it does help to boost their credibility in my mind’s eye.

    The biggest negative would be SEO, as you put above, but that all depends on how far you’re repurposing I’d imagine?

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