Social Mood and Social Media

Kerry Gorgone and I were recently interviewed by Bethany Teague, a TV reporter from WSLS in Roanoke, about a defendant’s request for funding for a detailed social media study to support a change of venue (child abusers don’t seem to be popular in Pulaski county…). I attach the 6 O’clock news version of the story.

I think we will hear more about this issue and this application of social media analysis going forward. Certainly social media reflects social mood. Traders are following social media to spot sentiment changes for stocks; a consulting group from Virginia Tech predicts political events from Twitter…


This copy is a bit old school: I set my webcam in front of my TV and played the saved broadcast from my DVR. A lot like the 75 cent movies they used to sell in Macau. The DVR has a USB port, but I couldn’t figure it out… The version that WSLS posted on their website was condensed to the point that the issues were not discussed (and Kerry and I had little face time 😎 )



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