New Student #Blogs – Check them out!

The students in my Wintermester Social Media Marketing class are on a blog sprint. They are supposed to produce 8 posts and build some sort of audience in only 3.5 weeks for a blog about their passion!

Why not check them out? Here are some new student blogs to sample:

blog-craftsAre you a Do-It-Yourself-er? Crafts and Cream Puffs discusses a wide range of DIY from fixing things to cooking. This cherry dessert looks pretty good…




Thrift and Flip talks about the hobby of “thrifting” at Goodwill or online for bargains or for profit. The first two posts discuss where and what to thrift.

Music Blogs


This blog could be called my life on the guitar. What was the origin of the electric guitar?

Music A-Z talks about a different genre every week. So far Jazz and the Blues have been discussed.

Sports and Fitness Blogs


Two Wheels talks about the ins and outs of biking. Early posts have included choosing the right style and size bike for you… (Keep that bar at least a half inch below you!)

World Class Hunter discusses the issues involved in deer hunting and being prepared for the start of the season.

Mblog-fitnessen’s fitness blog takes on big issues like: Should you diet? and Cutting versus bulking. Just in time for your resolutions!


blog-skiWhy I Ski. A look at the sport and the bloggers love of it…



Fashion Blogs

blog-fashionKaci’s Fashion World is written by a student with a passion for fashion. Her three posts are about her personal link to fashion, Micheal Kors, and Kate Spade.



This blog is called Passion for Fashion. How has fashion evolved? Why are there cycles in fashion?

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2 Responses to New Student #Blogs – Check them out!

  1. A great set of blogs which made for interesting reading!

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