Social Media users praise brands in private and criticise in public

With Ana Canhoto’s permission her post about how customer’s complain and compliment brands and products in social media is posted here.

Her post illuminates an issue raised in an earlier post in this blog on social media complaints: Social Media Complaints – Put it to them?

I recommend readers interested in marketing research follow her blog!

Ana Canhoto

Jan Kietzmann and I have been investigating how social media users talk about their consumption experiences online, a phenomenon called “electronic Word of Mouth”, or eWoM. While there is considerable research regarding why and, to an extent, how consumers engage in eWoM, our research is novel in that it:

  • Investigates how different aspects of the consumption experience influence eWoM, and
  • Considers not the experience in itself, but the consumers’ assessment of the experience
  • Is not specific to one single social media platform

This post give a very brief overview of our findings, and the full paper can be accessed here (paywall) or here. We have both good news and bad news for marketing managers.

But, first, let me tell you a little bit about the framing of our study.

What we looked at

cafeThink about the last time you bought a coffee. Was your satisfaction with the experience…

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