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#Cluetrain Derailed!

The Cluetrain is derailed.

Last Spring Adage pronounced that “There is no more social media marketing: just advertising… The idealistic end to business as usual, as “The Cluetrain Manifesto” envisioned, never happened… After a promising start — a glimmer of hope — we’re back to business as usual.”

My first social media marketing class was Spring 2012. I proclaimed that “marketers must drop the megaphone – broadcasting or shouting at customers and prospects is dead! We must engage and have a CONVERSATION.” Our group projects were to work with organizations to show them how to have that conversation….

Tomorrow I will face two new sections of my SMM class.

I require them to be Google AdWord certified. Continue reading

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Are you living on #Facebook?

Yesterday (August 26) at 6:45 Alison Parker, a young newspaper reporter at WDBJ, and Adam Ward, a camera person, for the Virginia TV station were tragically murdered by a former employee of the station. The killer created Facebook and Twitter accounts … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber: Google Trends tells a Story

If you look closely you will see that the Google search pattern for Justin is eerily similar to that of Lady Gaga, Go to Google Trends to check out what is trending. Find out what is hot and predict the future! Continue reading

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Is Facebook about to be DISRUPTED?

Users spending hours a day messaging with friends are not using cellphone minutes or viewing Facebook ads. The threat is not just hypothetical – a study shows that mobile apps are already more used than either Facebook or Twitter in Japan and Korea. Continue reading

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Does Facebook CAUSE narcissism?

… or are narcissists just drawn to social media? I started asking this question on Twitter a couple weeks ago, in order to gather some ideas and thoughts from my online friends for this post. Most of the comments suggested … Continue reading

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Would you trust your daughter’s beach pics to Zuck?

If you rely primarily on your Facebook page for your organization a good question for you might be: Would you trust your business to Zuck? Continue reading

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Can One Billion Facebook Users be wrong?

Based on strictly anecdotal evidence I believe that there are a LOT of fake and duplicate FB accounts… Does LinkedIn have both a more professional group and honest count? Continue reading

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The Social Network: The IPO

Mobile IS the new platform. Facebook was dominant in the Web 2.0 world – it is having problems in mobile. To summarize: Facebook mobile is clunky and boring and currently has no ads! Continue reading

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