Update: Favorite Social Sites of College Seniors

The initial survey of my 60 social media marketing students last August (see previous post!) generated some interest, so I thought I would update it for Spring Semester 2015.

Weighted Scores – Favorite and Most Used Social Sites

Rank Favorite Social Sites Wtg. Most Used Sites Wtg.
1 Instagram 37 Facebook 51
2 Facebook 35 Instagram 31
3 Twitter 34 Twitter 31
4 Pinterest 22 Snapchat 16
5 Snapchat 16 Youtube 6
6 Youtube 12 Pinterest 4
7 Reddit 6 Firefly 3
8 Tumblr 4 Tumblr 3
9 Vine 2 Reddit 1
10 Yik Yak 2 Vine 1

The results are fairly consistent with the earlier survey.

Young people love Instagram (great purchase Zuck!). Facebook and Twitter are in competition for next best. Pinterest and Snapchat are still strong.

Of course the 500-pound gorilla FB still is most used.

Should your business be experimenting with Instagram?

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1 Response to Update: Favorite Social Sites of College Seniors

  1. It would be interesting to also ask the students what social media sites do they think are essential for use professionally (as opposed to socially)

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