Can One Billion Facebook Users be wrong?

According to Wikipedia (note: don’t cite in my classes!) as of early summer the social platforms had the following number of users:

  1. Facebook         955 million (certainly 1 B by now)
  2. Twitter            500+ million
  3. LinkedIn          175 million

Am I the only one who thinks these numbers are skewed? Based on strictly anecdotal evidence I believe that there are a LOT of fake and duplicate FB accounts out there. My personal example – My wife and I between us have:

  • TWO LinkedIn accounts (and don’t know anyone with dups) and
  • FIVE Facebook accounts (and know many people with dups).

What do you think? Do you also have dup accounts? (I have one for old high school acquaintances and my dog has one that he really doesn’t post on.)

Does LinkedIn have both a more professional group and honest count?


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