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Social (Media) Innovation

I am surprised to not be hearing and seeing more about the impact of social media on the innovation process. Aside from crowdfunding and crowdsourcing – both of which are big deals! – I haven’t seen evidence of organizations integrating social media into innovation. Continue reading

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Do Clothes Make the Man… Or hide him?

It seems to be that among professional people, the standard formality and costliness of dress is negatively correlated to the ethical practices and societal benefits of the profession. Continue reading

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WhatsApp is the future; Facebook is history…

tl;dr Facebook was the huge winner of Web 2.0 but doesn’t really fit the mobile age. Despite the advantage of a huge user base, the primary functions of FB — photo and video sharing or text communicating — are better performed on smartphones by specialized apps developed for mobile. The purchases of Instagram and now WhatsApp is an acknowledgement that Facebook itself shares that vision! Continue reading

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Start up comics!

Finally a comic devoted to our true superheroes – entrepreneurs. To follow the strip -and few past adventures – go to Continue reading

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